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Isagenix Shake and Shot Pak

Introducing a versatile Isagenix product pack that works for lots of different lifestyles. The typical diet is surrounded by processed foods high in fat, calories, and refined carbohydrates. These types of foods can leave you feeling run-down and exhausted by swapping out junk foods with the nutrient-dense products of the Isagenix Energy Systems; Shake and Shot Pak , you should feel better, more energized, and have greater focus to power through your day.

What I love about this pack is the blend of the IsaLean Pro shakes with the energy E shots. A performance based system with natural energy packed products.

Isagenix Shake and Shot Pak

Isagenix E Shot or E +

What is an Isagenix E+

e+ is a long-lasting and flavorful energy shot made with a targeted amount of plant-based caffeine from green tea and yerba mate to help you feel energized and mentally alert. e+ is formulated with a scientifically supported blend of Adaptogens and botanicals to boost energy and fight fatigue without any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners per Isagenix.

These are VERY popular products and honestly one of my favs too. I have noticed that mostly I have more focus and no fatigue when I consume these. The suggested amount is 1-2 a day. I have however, had many more and doubles at times of need when I really needed an extra boost of energy. Since the ingredients are all natural, there are never any jitters or upset stomachs for me. Just mental clarity, a natural energy boost and I get a ton of work done. Every. Single. Time. I love these products. They came in many flavors and are easy to carry and consume anywhere, anytime. Check out this video!