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Isagenix Ireland

We are now open for business in Ireland. (2018) All Isagenix products listed below are available for purchase through my Isagenix website.

This is just a simple list of a few products available through Isagenix. Follow the links to view much more with prices. Individual products are available as well with no monthly commitments or requirements 🙂

High-Quality Protein

The 30-Day Premium Pak contains the popular IsaLean® Shake, a balanced 240-calorie, meal replacement clinically shown to support healthy weight loss and lean muscle growth. IsaLean Shake contains 24 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals per shake to fuel your body with balanced nutrition.

Sample More

The 30-Day Premium Pak contains more of our favorite Isagenix products to sample and share with friends and family!


30-Day Weight Loss System Isagenix Ireland

Specifically designed to help you get started on your weight loss journey and achieve your goals through balanced everyday nutrition.

1. IsaLean™ Shake IsaLean Shake is a balanced meal replacement featuring whey and milk protein, essential carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

2. Nourish for Life™ Nourish for Life is a natural berry-flavored drink mix containing a blend of B vitamins that help to support the body’s functions1 , reduce tiredness and fatigue2 and contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism

3 . Nourish for Life can be used for Everyday Revitalising and is a fundamental component of Cleanse Days4 . 3. Ionix® Supreme A daily botanical tonic formulated to support overall well-being.

4. Isagenix Snacks™ Nutritious bite-sized snacks to support your metabolism between meals and on Cleanse Days4 .

5. IsaDelight™ Individually-wrapp


Shake and Nourish

This pak includes Cleanse for Life®, to nourish the body’s natural detoxification systems. With no artificial colors or flavors, this blend of natural cleansing herbs and botanicals nourishes your body to help boost metabolism and energy levels.*